Katy parry’s instructive life history

Katy Perry is an American artist who was born in very conservative family. Her mother and father were both pastors. Her family struggled financially. They sometimes had to use food stamps and eat from the food donated to the church.
Katy Perry grew up under many restrictions. She was only allowed to listen to gospel music and television shows were forbidden but Katy Perry wanted to explore music. She discovered popular music through CDs that she sneaked from her friends even though that was not allowed by parents.
She began taking singing lessons at the age of 9, and from the age of 9 to 17, she was singing in her parents’ church and performing religious songs in front of her parents.
In 2001 she released her first album (a gospel record) but the album was commercially unsuccessful. Only few copies were sold. Katy parry’s beginnings were hard because she had to face many obstacles and failures before she became who she is today. In 2010, Katy Perry released that album “teenage dreams” which became one of the bestselling albums of all time. Today, she has millions of fans, won many awards, has created three Guinness world record is associated with many charitable organizations. Forbes ranked her as the highest- paid woman in music for 2018. In 2019 her net worth is $330 million. But mental health problems really don’t care about & fame, fortune, success. Katy Perry opened up about her past mental health struggled alcohol addiction & suicidal thoughts in live therapy session.
When her album “witness” came out in 2017 it got many negative reviews. It was a really devastating period of her life that led to depression.
In the past she also suffered from alcohol addiction. She used alcohol to numb herself, especially when going through hard times.
But Katy decided to rise from her disappointment & not give up that easily.
She made changes with her life style & decided to start therapy. For the last 5 years, she has committed to going to therapy regularly. She focused on meditation & reconnecting with her faith. She took time to discover herself so she can identify & destroy the negative behaviors and because of that, she became stronger than ever.” I’ve come to learn that being happy is s.th you have to work for every single day. I know that in this messed up world, is hard to find inner peace & happiness but it’s not impossible. It takes a lot of work & dedication, & most important not giving up. Don’t try to hide or numb your feelings. Express them, speak loudly about them,
recognize where your pain coming form & do s.th about it. Finding inner peace and beating
depression is priceless. & one way to achieve that is through meditation. Just 10 to 15 min at the
beginning of your day for a more beautiful life.”

If we don’t pay attention to our feelings & emotions, we will end up suppressing them that is
never a good thing. Try to stop bulling yourself. Bullies are intimidating, destructive, and …. . But
the one bully that is the most topic of all is you. Some people are so used to bullying themselves
that they don’t even notice. Sometimes we are the enemy. We are the obstacle on our path to
Make a list of all things that you’re good at: I’m a great person. I’m a great friend. I’m beautiful.
I’m creative & every time you feel the need to say a negative thing about yourself, think about
that list & say s.th positive about you. In time, you’ll learn to replace the negative labels with
positives. Stop treating yourself as an enemy & start treating yourself as a friend. Work on being
in love with the person in the mirror who has been through so much but steel standing. Falling in
love with yourself first doesn’t make you vain or selfish it makes you indestructible.

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